Live a Life

This is a record of some afterthoughts of watching Han Han’s new movie “The Continent”.

When I was young I had an illusion, that I will spend my entire life in my hometown – the place I was born and raised.

After I left home I had another illusion, that I will eventually go back to my hometown no matter how far I had gone.

Then some day I realized one truth, that there is no hometown to return. My future does not reserve a place for my past.

Most of those we see are passing travelers, the first time we meet is also the last. Few travelers become our companions, some longer, some shorter. There is no eternal companion no matter how close they are.

However, with our temporary companions by our side, we can explore many places in the world that we could not reach by ourselves.

What a blessing from heaven they are.

Life could be silent or sparkling, but even the most splendid life decays to mere stories to tell.

Some like to create stories, some others like to stay away as bystanders. Story creators believe they are the center of the world, bystanders don’t believe they are part of the world.

Creators hate falsity, for they believe they are real. Bystanders don’t care, history is no different from tales.

But there is no 100% creator or 100% bystander. We are all part of history, and us watching it makes up it’s other part.

Many times we pretend to be indifferent, because we are afraid of expectations on us.

But when you are right there, at that specific time and specific place, it ought to be you.

We are born with our destinies. There is no turning away.

The greatest challenge in life is to solve problem after problem.

We find a solution to a problem, at the same time create some new problems. We find solutions to the new problems, at the same time create some new problems. When we no longer create new problems, we find a new problem from somewhere else.

This is life, the eternal loop of problems and solutions.

There are just too many problems in the world, but we can only solve one at this time. People in the past might have challenged this problem, people in the future might challenge this problem again, yet “we are solving this problem right now” is a unique event in the entire history. We only have one chance to do it right, as it will slip away just like a passing traveler.

Some problems are keys, you solve it, other problems also disappear. If you cannot find the key, you get stuck in the muds.

Sometimes we think it’s too dangerous to ignore the urgent problems, so we try to solve ALL problems instead of one, and this does not work.

How do we find the key? How can we concentrate on the one? How can we stop wasting time in the muds?

You have to ask yourself, truly, what life do you really want?

Live a life, the one and only.

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